Subject-wise Preparation of CBSE Term -2 (2022)

Subject-wise Preparation of CBSE Term -2 (2022)

Class 10


Mathematics  Preparation Tips

Mathematics is one of those subjects that require conceptual knowledge & help in scoring high. Practice more & more number of questions, sample papers can develop your understanding & concepts. Follow the syllabus of the CBSE class 10 Maths.

  • Try solving more & more questions, especially NCERT books.
  • Make a timetable & go through the syllabus carefully.
  • Use a stopwatch & always look for time management to improve speed & accuracy.
  • Solve previous year papers & sample papers, along with that make your separate notes for quick revision.
  • Practice Geometry, Algebra, Mensuration first as they carry maximum weightage.
  • Give time to each chapter depending on the weightage.

 English Preparation Tips

English is one of the easiest subjects to learn & score high marks. This will also improve your overall percentage in the final result. Follow the syllabus of the CBSE class 10 English.

  • Reading is one of the ways to improve English, start reading novels, newspapers, & science fiction.
  • Reading & Writing skills with grammar carry a total weightage of 50 marks, so it must be practised well.
  • Try to write in a clean way, keep your writing in a format. Practice how to write letters, applications, & speeches.
  • Read & practice more grammar to avoid minor mistakes.
  • Practice unseen passages because they are easy and help to score high marks.
  • Have a brief detail about Literature as it consists of analytical and content questions.

Hindi Preparation Tips

Hindi is the easiest language, especially for Indians, but should have proper knowledge of the subject to score high marks. Hindi includes both grammar and literature which need to be prepared properly. Follow the syllabus of the CBSE class 10 Hindi.

  • Practice writing parts more & more like letters, essays, etc.
  • Solving previous year questions papers can also help in scoring high. Solve the paper and verify the answers with the solutions.
  • Memorize the poetry with its meaning, also look for the type of questions asked from it.
  • Learn grammatical rules and practice more questions to avoid mistakes.

Science Preparation Tip

Science is one of the most interesting subjects that include Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. It needs understanding & practising a lot. Follow the Syllabus of CBSE 10th science.

  • Physics has numerical questions, it’s better to practice more & more and learn the concepts.
  • Memorize important terms & their respective functions.
  • Learn Nomenclature & reactions which include conversion takes place from one compound to another.
  • Learn theorems & direct formulas and revise them regularly.
  • Memorize difficult terminology of Biology, try revising them as much as possible.
  • Look for important topics like Motion, Force, & Work, prepare them prior to other topics.

Social Sciences Preparation Tips

Social science is a big subject that consists of history, civics, geography, economics, each carrying an equal weightage of 20 marks. It is one of the Scoring subjects but easy to understand & remember. Scoring in social science is as important as other subjects. Below are some points that will help students on how to prepare for the 10th board exam 2022.

  • Make pointers for long answers and then try to remember them.
  • Practice map questions as much as you can.
  • Create tables for important dates, names of the rulers and other important persons, go through it every now and then.
  • Attend short answers and then go for long ones.
  • Relate the concepts to real-life situations for easy understanding.
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