CBSE Class 10 Term 2 exams 2022 – Preparation Strategy & Study Plan

CBSE Class 10 Term 2 exams 2022 – Preparation Strategy & Study Plan

Class 10 is extremely important for students it is the staircase because the scores will decide whether you will be eligible for Arts, Commerce, or Science. This is why you can’t afford to take your Term 2 exams lightly and prepare to gain maximum marks. Your ultimate goal of current time is to focus on the preparation because exams are coming near day-by-day.

This time students have been relieved a little as they have to study 50% syllabus for Class 10 Term 2 Exams. So, we suggest you utilize this time wisely. To help you with your Term 2 examinations, we have prepared an effective and easy-to-follow study timetable that you can follow and customize as per your needs. 

Preparation Tip 1- Go Through the Exam Pattern & Syllabus

This is an important tip among CBSE class 10 preparation tips 2022. It will help students to know the details like type of questions, number of questions, marking scheme, etc. The syllabus will help them to know thoroughly about the topics of the subjects.

CBSE class 10th exam consists of a total of 100 marks which consists:

  • Annual Board (80 Marks): Passing marks are 33% out of 80 in each subject.
  • Internal Assessment (20 Marks): Periodic Tests – 10 marks each, Notebook submission- 5 marks, Subject Activities – 5 marks


Preparation Tip 2- Proper study timetable will make the preparations easy

The study timetable for the class 10 CBSE board is also one of the most important preparation steps that students should take. Without proper planning, it is quite difficult to achieve your goal. Making a proper timetable and dividing equal time for each subject will help boost confidence. Studying at a constant pace is better than aggressive study, if you are weak in any subject then try to assign more time to that subject.


Preparation Tip 3- Make Short notes

Making handy and short notes always help in learning hard things easily. Write names, rules, formulas, etc. on it. Always keep an eye on them and go through them, every now and then.


Preparation Tip 4- Solve Sample Papers & Previous Years’ Question Papers

Solving CBSE Class 10 previous year question paper always help to boost your confidence. It is one of the best approaches to prepare & analyse yourself for the exam. This step will also help you in managing your time, students can keep track of their problem-solving speed. Along with this, solve CBSE sample paper 2022 Class 10 to practise with the papers prepared by CBSE as per the latest CBSE 10th exam pattern .

Preparation tip 5 – Make a Strategy to Write

Answers for the Board Exam Usually, students do not keep this point in mind, try not to exceed the word limit in the answer sheet. It is required to write relevant information, exaggeration can also lead to loss of marks in case something is wrong found. You must follow the proper technique of writing answers and this will come practising only. Make the best use of the 15 minutes reading time allotted before starting writing the exam.

Preparation Tip 6 – Figure Out Your Strength & Work on Your Weaknesses

It is necessary to  find out what you’re strength & weakness, what you need to be familiar with the syllabus and also study topics thoroughly. For finding your weakness, you need to solve sample question papers, mock tests, etc, and self-analyse them. Also, familiarize yourself with the grading scheme, and try to complete sample papers in the given time frame

Preparation Tip 7 – Don’t Ignore Difficult Chapters

A lot of times students ignore difficult topics or chapters. But did you know that they carry a lot of weight? This is why you should be clear with all the concepts in order to score the maximum marks.

Preparation Tip 8 – Set Daily or Weekly Goals

When you’re planning what you have to do throughout the day, set daily and weekly goals aligned with your study schedule. Motivate yourself each day to move one step closer, reward yourself with breaks or treats on achieving them.

Preparation Tip 9 – Take Proper Rest

Taking the proper mock test, test series and solving sample papers through the help of RANKUP will help to control fear, stress, & anxiety. In the examination hall, these can affect your performance, so it would be better to prepare yourself prior. Also, take proper sleep especially before the exam day.

Preparation Tip 10 – Take Breaks at regular intervals

While Studying for long hours can be frustrating, so it would be best to take small breaks at regular intervals. Doing exercises listening calm music  in between can also help you to stay focused & fit during your preparation time.

CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exams Study Timetable

You can customize the study schedule if it does not fit your criteria. 

5:00 AMWake up, freshen up, and go for a walk & meditate. 
6:00 AMHave tea or coffee to give a fresh start to your morning. Start with making a plan for whole day, in which you can make specific list of the most important task and least important task this help to save you time in unnecessary things. You can also make your study plan for whole day like important, topics, chapters, to be studied. 
7:00 AMStart reading fresh topics. Pick one subject a day. Keep making the notes of important topics, concepts & chapters.
9:00 AMHave a healthy breakfast and take some rest.
10:00 AM For 2 hours, revise whatever you have studied during the whole week. 
12:00 AMTake a one-hour break, you can take a nap or watch a show, etc. 
1:00 PMHave your lunch, take a nap. 
3:00 PMNow, work on topics that you were unable to understand.
5:00 PMTake a break, have some coffee. 
6:00 PMNow start solving previous year’s question papers, sample papers, or NCERT questions. Set timeline – 90 minutes. 
8:00 PMKeep yourself in some relaxing activities or anything you like to enjoy. 
8:30 PMHave dinner, watch TV. 
9:30 PMAnalyze your mock tests, sample papers, and any questions you have solved. Make notes of where you made mistakes.
10:00 PMGo to sleep
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